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Waterfalls are unique creation of nature which exemplifies itís true beauty. Enriched with a plethora of natural resources. Sri Lanka boasts approximately three hundred and fifty waterfalls.

In comparison to other countries Sri Lanka is rich in itís aquatic resources. Most of the waterfalls in the island have been identified by now. Sri Lanka could be considered as the country having the most number of waterfalls. In terms of itís Geographic extent. The destruction of forests have cost a lowering of the rainfalls resulting the drying of natural springs which has become a severe threat to the existence of these waterfalls. By initiating steps to conserve rain forests and keeping the environment clean this valuable asset of nature could be preserved for the next generations.

Due to various nefarious activities practiced by mankind valuable natural resources such as these waterfalls are windingly at a rapid pace. It is our bounden duty to preserve these natural gifts for the generations to come with such an utmost cause in my mind. I explore the waterfalls in Sri Lanka capturing itís glamour in order to give a truly unforgettable experience to the enthusiasts of nature as well as to others. I have done this through this web site

Through this web site it has enabled public who are unaware of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka as well as those who have not been to such places the necessary information of the waterfalls and their locations. They have the privileged to download the videos and pictures capturing the glamour of its true beauty.

However these waterfalls are excellent creations of Mother Lanka. I wish the Sri Lankan Waterfalls will remain ever so long soothing the minds of both local and foreign tourist.

I wish to know your views and ideas about this website.

Thank You !

Indrajith Sunil Kumara.


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